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Friday, July 29, 2011

An old lithography of Silves

This lithography of Silves is widely known, having been published in many historical books and articles about the old Capital and Bishopric of Algarve.

What is less known is that this image was first published in 1848 by João Baptista da Silva Lopes, in his book "Memories to the Ecclesiastical History of the Bishopric of Algarve". 
The author is, as far as I know, unknown (maybe the lithographer Saraiva?) and the view corresponds to the first half of the 19th century.
Here is the full bibliographic reference: 
Lopes, João Baptista da Silva. Memórias para a História Eclesiástica do Bispado do Algarve. Lisboa: Academia Real das Sciencias, 1848. Folded "hors-texte" after p. 456.

Until now, it has never been published a detailed view of the digital image, in very high resolution, which allows the perception of many interesting architectonic details, otherwise missed.
For the readers of this blog I offer such a view (6355x4775 px.), which may be downloaded here (JPG, c. 6 MB):